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Baton Rouge Electrician Phone Icon Kliebert 1. We Actually Answer the Phone –
We’re here to respond quickly and get to your issue before the end of the day!

Baton Rouge Electrician Thumb Icon Kliebert 2. Clear Expectations on Jobs –
We’ll show up and get it done when we say we’ll get it done! We want to stay on schedule.

Baton Rouge Electrician Money Icon Kliebert 3. Permanent Pricing Policy –
When we give a bid, we stick to it. We don’t want to $20 you to death!

Baton Rouge Electrician Guarantee Icon Kliebert 4. Clean Job Guarantee –
We sweep and shop vac the work area, leaving your home just like we found it!

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“The electricians over at Kliebert Electrical were very professional overall. They always showed up on time and got the job done right. I definitely recommend this team for any of your electrical needs. ”
– Scott Thomas

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Kliebert Electrical has been wowing customers for several years now. With a very scheduled team that actually answers the call and shows up on time, every time, you know you can trust us. We also never waver on our agreed price for the job and we’ll leave your home better than you found it. What more could you ask for!?

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Our Permanent Pricing Policy

Know that when we agree to the price of the job, it’s a sure deal. We are not in the business of price-gouging you!

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