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About Our Baton Rouge Electrical Contractors 

Have you ever been disappointed by an electrician in Baton Rouge? You are facing issues with your electrical wiring or just anything with your home and you just need a trustworthy Baton Rouge electrician to come by and fix it correcting? Could there be just one company that you can call in order to receive a great Baton Rouge electrician, everytime? Then lucky for you, you’ve stumbled onto the website for Kliebert Electrical Services! Our company has been doing business for over 5 years. and we’ve continually worked as a reliable and trustworthy Baton Rouge electrician. We’ll go into good detail about what you should expect from any electrician, but if you’d like to skip those steps and start working with one of the best teams in the Bayou area, then just give us a call today or fill out a form for us to call YOU.

What’s Important for a Great Electrician to Do?

As a great, sensible shopper like yourself, you care about knowing what the difference is between a good electrician versus a poor electrician right? Well since you are a savvy shopper, you may know these things already. For some of you, you’ve simply assumed a standard of customer service that most electricians and other companies would employ.

Unfortunately, you can stop by the DMV any day and be reminded that many organizations still haven’t figured out what good customer service and delivery looks like. That’s why with Kliebert Electrical Services, we’ve broken down some key areas of focus that we make sure to provide with each visit from our Baton Rouge electrician professionals.

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Show Up On Time for Appointments

A standard in healthy business practices is timeliness. Getting a project or assignment done when we say we’ll get it done builds trust and cooperation with our customers. Customers love it when a company can provide the professionalism to show up on time and even be early for appointments! While some business owners might believe that showing up on time for the work should be a given, it unfortunately isn’t.

That’s right, we’ve seen that many business owners haven’t been as concerned about this part of their business. Instead of assigning specific times for appointments, they will provide windows of time. In some cases that customers have told us about, the Baton Rouge electrician they hired didn’t even show up! At Kliebert Electrical Services, we are adamant about ensuring that we’re continually on time with our jobs and stay specific to our appointments.

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Answer the Phone Promptly

Isn’t it annoying to be on hold with a company? Especially when you’re on hold for something that’s absolutely urgent and needs to get fixed? Even worse, what if you’ve tried to reach a Baton Rouge electrician multiple times, but they just never answer the phone? This is unacceptable behavior for a contractor because whenever homeowners reach out to a Baton Rouge electrician, they need an answer!

With Kliebert Electrical Services, we are very prompt with answering phone calls. It’s not very often that we’ll miss a phone call, but if we do, we’re very quick to call you back. With customers who are calling us back with other issues or have curious questions about our work, we’ll address the issue within 24 hours and schedule an appointment to take care of your concern.


Act Like a Great Human Being

Have you dealt with contractors or a Baton Rouge electrician that didn’t greet you with good courtesy? Right as they came to your door, they seemed a bit annoyed or ticked off? Or maybe when you asked a couple questions about their work, they looked noticeably irritated that you’re even asking them about the job? These are not qualities from great human beings. We can all have bad days, but that’s no excuse to not show up on the job or bring your negativity to the work. You don’t see Chick-fil-a employees in a negative attitude correct? Everybody is dealing with something, but it’s the best companies that instill a culture of excellence and positivity, no matter what takes place.

At Kliebert Electrical Services, we make sure our Baton Rouge electrician team we staff always keeps a great attitude. While you could call a number of other electricians in the area, we are always thankful and appreciative that you chose to work with us. That’s why we want to reward your decision with the best customer care and attention as possible.


Staying Productive & Efficient On the Job

That’s why you’ll find our team constantly staying productive on the job. Isn’t it annoying whenever you find an employee or a worker obviously getting lazy on the job? In fact, you’ll find that in a study done by Proudfoot Consulting, where they surveyed 1,300 private-sector companies, 41% of people’s time is being spent not working. That’s right, most employees are wasting 41% of their day checking social media, taking too many bathroom breaks, chatting up a storm with other workers and just sitting around. It’s also known that over 50% of employees are not engaged in their workplace.

At Kliebert Electrical Services, we do our very best to ensure that the time we spend on your projects or your service calls are time effective and efficient. We wouldn’t take pride in our work if we were slouching around and being lazy with our time. That’s why you’ll find tons of 5-star reviews of our work from other satisfied clients we’ve worked with.


Stay On-Budget With the Work

Last and certainly not least, you should expect to see from a Baton Rouge electrician, on-budget work with each job. We’ve seen a habit in the industry of contractors and electricians giving an initial price on the phone for the job, to then come back and raise the prices by hundreds of dollars more. This is due to poor experience from new electricians or it’s because the company is trying to pad their profits by selling things you don’t need. Know that with Kliebert Electrical Services, this is not something we participate in. We give a guarantee that with anything we price out and budget, that we’ll stay to the budget. Even if it bites us in the butt!

To schedule your free estimate, give us a call today or fill out a form for one of our Baton Rouge electricians to set up the appointment as soon as possible.

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