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Want to Know More About Kliebert Electrical?

Kliebert Electrical is one of the premier companies who offer quality Baton Rouge electrician team members. We’ve been in business for several years now and we’ve got several crews working electrical jobs all over the Baton Rouge area. From Praireville to Gonzalez and the far stretches of Baton Rouge, our team excels in many areas. You’ll find plenty of content on our pages listed at the top of the website, but you can also continue to read below about anything with the company. 


Service Work Electricians

One of the bread and butter services we provide is simply that, providing service work for any old homeowner. Things happen all the time to homes and office spaces. Lights go out, utilities get fried and wiring wears out over time. You need to have confidence in where you live and work. If you have unreliable electricity or functioning power, then that’s not great! You need power that’s proficient and consistently gets what you need done.


By calling a reliable Baton Rouge electrician, you’ll have someone at your door to attend to your needs. You’ll have someone who’s dressed professionally and looks ready to go. You’ll have someone who’s got our license and is knowledgeable about the common and even uncommon issues that are faced with service work. You have a technician who’s spent years and years to know what happens with electrical work.


You get these qualities and more when you hire a Baton Rouge electrician from Kliebert Electrical. We’ll take your call, send out a great team member and then execute excellence on the job! Get your time scheduled by simply calling 225-673-1919.


Residential and New Home Electricians

Like we’ve just discussed, residential work is one of the core areas where a Baton Rouge electrician comes in real handy. Here are some of the key areas that we install or fix for homes just like yours!



This is like the motherboard for all of your electricity. If anything is happening in regards to electricity, it’s happening through the panel. A similar analogy is the way our hearts work. All blood flow pumps through the heart and if the heart short circuits, our internal power is turned off and we die. Well if your panel isn’t upgraded or maintained well or it’s been damaged, then your panel will short circuit. You’ll be out of luck on electricity!


This is one of the basic things that Kliebert Electrical helps out any homeowner and office facility with. Many times, we’re actually able to get done a job very quickly because it simply required 10 minutes to get the panel working correctly. That being said, it likely will be a positive thing to get your panel upgraded. Many panels are decades upon decades old and at some point, it’s going to die. You don’t want to wait until then to get it replaced right? You might as well be proactive and have a verified Baton Rouge electrician come out to change out the panel once any sign of unreliability occurs. 



The main purpose of breakers are to break away potential electrical surges and issues that could fry or corrupt the panel. Any good Baton Rouge electrician will understand this and provide you with great new materials to replace these breakers.


Electrical Meters

These meters measure how much electricity is flowing through your home. Depending on the amount that flows in determines many breakers and surge protectors and other tools need to be implemented in your home. We quickly take a look at this through our home safety inspection and find out whether it needs to be replaced or not. Getting it replaced is a simple thing, but you don’t want to try and learn how to replace electrical meters right? That’s why the Baton Rouge electrician who works at Kliebert Electrical went to school in the first place! 


Grounding Systems

This serves as a backup assist for electrical systems. There’s really not much to discuss with this section, but just know that grounding systems are an important part of any electrician’s day and you will find that in our 11-point home safety inspection, we go inspect the grounding system.


Home Surge Protection

Does your home need protection for surges in electricity? Electrical surges are a regular thing and that’s why surge protectors are needed for home. Oftentimes, We are now built into wall plugs so that people don’t have to unplug electrics whenever a giant lightning storm blows through an area. Get a qualified Baton Rouge electrician from Kliebert Electrical to handle the problem for you so you don’t have to worry about it! 


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These are super important tools for any home or office space or any warehouse where anything important is stored! In fact, a majority of all home fires are the cause of a poorly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system. So you don’t know how long your alarm detectors have been functioning or whether We are actually working, then go ahead and call up Kliebert Electrical so our technicians can be ready to help you when you need it most!


Attic & Crawl Space

The attic and crawl spaces are a lot of times where the most important electrical components exist. If you have pests or vermin that have found their way into your attic or crawl space, you might find that We chew on electrical wiring and now that electrical wiring needs to be replaced! 


Construction and Commercial Electricians

We also have very valuable skills in construction and commercial electrical projects too! In fact, we’ve gotten so busy, that we’ve needed to hire specific project managers to handle just our commercial construction and electrical projects! There’s a lot of developments taking place all across the state of Louisiana and surrounding states. So if you are a commercial property owner or are looking to develop new properties, look no further than hiring a Baton Rouge electrician from Kliebert Electrical today. 

Highly Rated and Reviewed Baton Rouge Electricians

This is likely one of the most important reasons for working with Kliebert Electrical. What you’ll find is these guys really understand what problems people have with our electrical work and why having a valuable knowledge of electrical problems really matter.

To help communicate some of the details that clients express, we’ll go over some of our Google reviews and see what people talk about:

  1. Jessica Quinones
    1. She talks about how we would rate us higher than five stars if she could! We delivered great work for her and her problems. She said we took care of all her problems quickly and without much hassle. There was a lot to take care of for electrical work, but Kliebert Electrical got it done in a professional manner. That’s what matters!
  2. Daniel Marroquin
    1. It looks like Daniel has been wanting flood lights in the front of his home for quite some time now. I’m taking a guess, but he’s likely tried to call other electricians, but has found no luck in being able to nail down a good Baton Rouge electrician to work with. He also communicated that the team was very professional and that he’s very satisfied with the work we conducted. We couldn’t have been happier to help you out!
  3. Stan Aaron
    1. A man with two names and a positive attitude! Stan really saw tremendous value in working with Kliebert Electrical. Apparently the work was quick and easy and was actually a more affordable bid than some of the other electricians he tried to call. He “unequivocally” recommends the electrical services our company provides and we’re thrilled that we did such a terrific job.
  4. Cody Heintze
    1. It looks like we very quickly delivered results for Cody. A hurricane struck the state of Louisiana, which is a common occurrence for the state. This homeowner ended up getting the panel for his home ripped off and she was without power! Fortunately, Kliebert Electrical answered his call and got out there in the evening to install a new panel. So for Cody, she only had to spend a day getting power back on for his home. Obviously, our company delivered when Cody needed us most!
  5. Greg Smith
    1. This guy breaks down the steps that our team executed on the job. Whenever you hire a Baton Rouge electrician, you sometimes don’t get a sense from our reviews about what actually happened on the job. With Greg, he gives a brief synopsis of his experience with the crew. And the results? He couldn’t have been happier. We had apparently installed a new meter base for the guy and Greg noticed the attention to detail our team had. From ensuring all permits were in place, make the necessary adjustments and positions for the system and getting everything officially done to code. These results are exactly what you would expect from a good electrician and that’s what you’ll expect from Kliebert Electrical.

If these reviews or the 150 other 5-star reviews don’t excite you, then you obviously aren’t paying attention. Kliebert Electrical is one of the stand out electricians in the Baton Rouge area and it’s about time you gave us the respect We deserve!

Here are some other important reasons why our team is so stellar:

We’re On-Time and On-Budget

Plain and simple! We first of all, have seen enough electrical projects to know about how long our work takes. We also have done estimates and bids for literally thousands of jobs, so we also have a keen understanding about how expensive things really are. For these reasons, we can confidently say that barring any weather or Godly encounters, we will be on-time and on-budget for all projects we’re managing!

That’s such an important thing for our clients because many of us have had bad stories in the past with other contractors. If you were to hire another Baton Rouge electrician, you wouldn’t necessarily know that you would be getting on time and on budget work. Because of our 150, 5-star reviews, you know this will be true for you!

We Keep the Jobs Clean and Professional

We also manage to keep the jobs clean and professional too. Not having professional or clean jobs to show you the lack of professionalism a company has. Not having branded clothing or not having great company or just not keeping a good hygiene…these issues can really hurt a business! That’s why when working with Kliebert Electrical, you won’t have to worry about these kinds of issues. We’ve got straight-laced guys who have a good understanding of how to execute our work with excellence. And if we don’t? Well, We’ll be sent out the door! 


Responsive and Quick to Start Jobs

One of the most frustrating things about a Baton Rouge electrician, or any electrician out there, is that many times, We aren’t the most responsive people in the world. We are stuck on job sites, knee deep in electrical wires. We aren’t paying attention to our phone because We need to pay attention to the current customer We are working with. Or We are paying attention to the road! 

Stop working with perpetually distracted electricians and start working with Kliebert Electrical. Our team is absolutely capable of taking your calls and managing obligations on the phone. We’ll greet you with a smile and get you scheduled as quickly as possible.


We’ll be the best electrician in Baton Rouge to meet your needs!