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Residential Electricians

Needing to call a Baton Rouge Electrician, but you’re not sure which one to call? Have you used multiple electricians in the past, but you’ve failed to find any that have won your loyalty? Wouldn’t you enjoy working with an electrician that really understood the problems that many homeowners face whenever they hire a residential electrician? Well then at Kliebert Electrical Services, you’ve found the right team. We’ve been lucky enough to work with thousands of customers over our time. Because of this, we’ve seen everything that Baton Rouge and the surrounding cities have to offer. 

Not saying that there aren’t good electrical companies to work with, but we’ve seen in many cases that when you hire a Baton Rouge electrician, it’s not always a guarantee that they’ll provide you the customer service and care you deserve. That’s why at Kliebert Electrical, we’re all about raising the standard. It’s been our pleasure to continually WOW our clients and show them what a top-rated, Baton Rouge electrician looks like!

First though, let’s get into the specifics. What are some of the most crucial areas of concern for a residential electrician to examine? What can you expect our team to review each time they come by and fix up your electrical problems? That’s right, with Kliebert Electrical Services, our team delivers a 11-point home safety inspection of your property. We’ve found that in over 80% of our service calls, there is usually something else wrong with property! That’s why as a courtesy to the homeowner, we implement this 11-point home safety inspection. You won’t need to worry that there’s some hidden issue you’ll need to call us about later, when we’ve already inspected it.

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11 Areas of Electrical Work


A panel is a pivotal part of your electrical network. It acts as the central hub for electrical systems. Oftentimes, whenever homes are sold and resold, they were not maintained like they should have been. This leaves the homeowner at risk of much more expensive issues. That’s why it’s important to get your electrical panel inspected by a trustworthy Baton Rouge electrician. The brand, age, location, amperage and other areas of concerns are what we will cover.


Circuit breakers act as a safety measure against surges in the electrical system. They keep circuits from damaging and causing even more expensive issues. Just like anything that’s built for protection, they wear down and break over time. So from our Baton Rouge electrician team at Kliebert Electrical Services, we will check the breakers to ensure that there is no wear and operate on the correct way. 

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Electrical Service/Meter Base

The meter base is used for measuring the amount of electricity your home uses. We’re able to quickly tell whether it works or doesn’t work. That’s why it’s important to get these inspected and maintained by a trustworthy Baton Rouge electrician.

Grounding System

A grounding system’s purpose is to provide a backup method for electrical currency. We will inspect to ensure your home is properly grounded. 

Home Surge Protection

In our efforts to ensure that your home is fully protected, we will inspect your whole home surge protection measures are in good standing. This involves your cable surge protection, lightning protection, phone protection and panel protection.

Appliances: Major Loads/Condition

Appliances are a major resource of energy usage in a home. Cooking up a Thanksgiving turkey not only kills a fresh bundle of meat, but it also murders your electrical bill. In order to track the amount of electrical watts that are utilized by your home appliances and improve the performance of your home appliances, you can call up the Baton Rouge Electrician team members with Kliebert Electrical Services. 


Standing for ground-fault circuit interrupter, this is utilized as the only resource to cover you against electrical shock. By having a bad GFCI device, kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances and other necessary locations in the home, you may be in a jam.

Smoke Detectors

These little devices can help in a crucial way whenever you least expect it. Nobody plans for a fire to happen. So why not make sure that your Baton Rouge electrician knows when the last time you replaced your smoke detectors batteries was? We don’t want to miss a single spot!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s the same case for carbon monoxide detectors. If you have fuel-burning appliances or heaters in your home, it’s absolutely an essential need to use carbon monoxide detectors. It’s less noticeable than actual smoke and it’s recommended to install these carbon monoxide detectors near the sleeping areas of the home.

Devices & Equipment

We just need to check and inspect any areas of the home where your electricity could be compromised. 

Attic & Crawl Space

A dusty attic and crawl space isn’t only a hassle to get into, but it could be a hassle for your electrical wiring. Animals can borrow themselves into many places in the home and many times, in the wrong place. They accidentally chew a wire and they are done. Unfortunately, so is your electricity. 

So if these eleven core areas of your home and any other area of your home are malfunctioning, then please give Kliebert Electrical Services a call today or fill out a form on our website. We’ll gladly come by for a quick inspection and see what we can do to make your life a whole lot easier.

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