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Have you been looking for the best commercial electrician near me? Are you looking to revamp a commercial space and enhance the electrical work? Have you worked with other Baton Rouge electrician companies before and the experience hasn’t been very fruitful? Then it’s time for you to work with a team that’s been proven to provide great work with many different customers, large and small. They’ve worked with the likes of KFC and other companies and general contractors. Simply give them a call today or fill out a form online to schedule your free assessment of your property.


Areas of Electrical Concern

Now with each project, we’ll conduct our property safety inspection. This is a courtesy on our part because we’ve seen that with each customer service call or large project, there’s usually something else wrong. As a means of correcting errors and ensuring that everything is taken care of with your property, we do this review of your property. Here are the areas we’ll dive into:

  1. Panels
  2. Breakers
  3. Electrical Service/Meter Base
  4. Grounding System
  5. GFCI
  6. Devices & Equipment
  7. Many Other Areas!

For each of these areas, we might need to do minor fixes and repairs, or totally replace the part for long-term benefits on your property’s electrical system. No matter how large or small the issue is, fixing them now will help ensure that your property doesn’t turn into a problem later down the road. We don’t want you calling us twice in two months with a problem we didn’t address the first time!

The Process

This is all part of our great customer service process. Each healthy and growing business systemizes and breaks down step-by-step, what customers should expect. With Kliebert Electrical Services, we’ve done this very same thing and that’s why you’ll find such a positive reception to our company online. It all starts with the first phone call. Whether you find us online because of our reviews or you were recommended to us, we’ll be sure to get on the phone and hear out your situation. Our specialist will ask you some detailed questions and schedule you for the earliest appointment possible. 

With our first appointment, we’ll go over each of your needs and as mentioned earlier, do a full, 11-point property safety inspection to provide you all the answers you need on your property. Along with that deep dive, we’ll also continue to share the many benefits that clients have had working with us. After this initial, in-person appointment, we’ll provide a timeframe for an estimate and then schedule another in-person session to go over the details of the estimate. We find it’s quite important to go over these details together because a lot of information can be miscommunicated over just an email. This is especially true when we’re working with commercial projects that are sometimes10s of thousands of dollars in value. 

Then throughout the job, we’re always wanting to keep you in the loop. For some of our clients, they like to hear daily updates from our team on the progress and on a minimum level, we provide weekly follow-ups on the status of our work. As you can tell, with each aspect of the work, we’re focused on providing thorough communication. That’s why so many have been confident in choosing Kliebert Electrical Services as their trusted Baton Rouge electrician.

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Why Kliebert Electrical Services is a Great Team to Work With

Here are some of the major reasons why clients like yourself would LOVE to work with us:

  • We Actually Answer the Phone
  • Clear, Upfront Communication
  • On-Budget Work All the Time
  • Clean Job Guarantee

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